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We are happy to offer a variety of ministries and programs that you and your family or friends can be involved in. We welcome you to check out the ministries we have and think about joining or volunteering to become a part of our church ministry!

Children's Ministry

We offer several different children ministry programs where your children will learn about the Word of God while having a lot of fun! Our ministries include our nursery for children newborn to 3yrs of age, our junior church for children ages 4 - 2nd grade, and our older kids ministry for children from 3rd-5th grade. We also offer a Vacation Bible School program yearly that is a week long time of fun and learning about God and the Bible! We welcome you to drop your kids off during service weekly.

Youth Ministry

Our youth group meets weekly on Sunday evenings from 6:00 - 7:00pm. We are happy to offer a place for our teens and their friends to join us to learn lessons and find encouragement to live out a God filled life, while also getting to connect with other youth and to engage in conversation, games, activities, and community.

Young Adult Ministry

Our Young Adult group meets weekly to learn, discuss, and grow in the Words of the Bible. We offer a welcoming environment for young adult singles and couples to join together in a time of studying the Bible and building relationships and engaging in fellowship with one another.

Women's Ministry

We have many different women's ministry opportunities and events that we offer throughout the year. From our weekly women's Sunday school group, to our monthly Willing Workers women's ministry group, there are plenty of ways to get to know other women and become involved in Chesnut Grove's women's ministry. With events ranging from special dinners, to women's retreats, and church events, there is some way that any woman can get involved! We invited you to join us weekly for our women's small Sunday school group or on the second Tuesday of every month for our Willing Workers group.

Christian Library

We're happy to offer a wide selection of Christian books, movies, courses, and more to our church community for free. We welcome you to check out our church library and rent a book, or two!

Marriage Preparation Ministry

Our pastor is available to offer marriage preparation and counseling to any church members who are engaged and soon to be wed.

Financial Peace University

Money talk and the church can be kind of tricky...

That's why we're happy to offer the Financial Peace University course to those looking for a Faith based solution to money management. You can find the course in our library to rent out and complete individually or stay posted for an offering of a teacher led Sunday school course of the material.

Volunteer Groups

We have many different volunteer opportunities from our serve labor ministry, to clothing drives and donations, our food pantry, and seasonal food preparation/drives, there are plenty of ways you can join us in serving our local community. There are also many opportunities for individuals to serve in our church such as volunteering to be greeters, helping with a dinner, leading a class, and many more!

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