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The title for the devotion today is taken from one of  Bob Dylan's many songs. As I look at my yard this week, I can see it is a changin. It is now turning a yellowish brown instead of the lush green color that it was just a few weeks ago. My garden is a changin. It is now full of ripening blueberries, and has tomatoes and cucumbers that weren't there a few weeks ago. This fall there may be a change in the presidency, and even the American way. That is a gut wrenching though, but things they are always a changin. Our looks, our shape, and yes even our hair( either losing it, or it turning gray for some) is a changin. I praise our God that He never changes. Malachi 3:6 states, " I am the Lord, I do not change" His word never changes. His ways never change. His plan of salvation never changes. NOTHING about Him changes. That is comforting and reassuring in this ever changing world. In another month or so , the rains will refresh the grass, and it will change back to it's green once again. The tomatoes and cucumbers will change, in that; they will be ready to pick and enjoy. The days will grow shorter and the air will have a chill about it. But, we will always have the love of God because that never changes. Rest in His love and ever abiding care for you. That will never change for all of eternity. Take care and God bless, Pastor Joe

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